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Does the property accept deposit or advance payment?
Most of the properties do not request advance payment or deposits. If so, you can display the detailed information on the subject on confirmation e-mail or under Conditions title on the page of the property on Odamax.com.
Do I have to pay separate reservation amount to Odamax.com?
No, you don’t need to pay any additional price to Odamax.com apart from the accommodation sum for reserved room.
Are taxes included in room prices?
Whether the tax is included in the room price or not depends on the property policies. On the website, you can check whether the tax is included in the room price or not from the text under the room you chose. You can find the extra tax information in your reservation basket and confirmation e-mail.
Are the prices displayed on Odamax.com per person or per room?
The prices displayed on searching list or property page are unit (room) prices.
How can I see the total price?
After you determine the accommodation dates in the property, you can see the room prices next to room types.
Do I need to pay full fare for child(ren)?
The extra fees for children are not included in the reservation price. While you are making an online booking, request an extra bed or a crib from Special Requests box. If you'd like to request an extra bed after completing your room reservation, click on View Reservations in your electronic confirmation e-mail. We recommend you to concretize the status of your request before check-in date by contacting with the property. You can contact us through 0850 955 44 44 if you’d like to be informed about the availability before booking at any time.
What does strike through price next to the room price?
The strike through price for selected room has the same reservation conditions for selected room and no discount is applied. It means “This is not the amount to be collected during reservation transaction.”
Can I pay the accommodation fee beforehand?
This type of situations regarding payment can differ depending on the property's pricing policies. Under normal circumstances, the payment of non-refundable reservations can be made after the reservation at any date.
Where can I find the additional bed price?
If available in room conditions, the additional bed price is displayed on the page of the property on Odamax.com.
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