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About transport services, you can find the information under Transport section Property Facilities tab on the page of the property on Odamax.com. If it exists, you can contact the property directly to benefit from airport transfer service through 0850 955 44 44.

The features belonging to the selected room under the room types are defined on the page of the property on Odamax.com. You need to enter a reservation date in order to display available room types. The available rooms for the selected date shall be displayed on the page. You can display the full list and the photos concerning the features of the selected room by clicking on “Review the Facilities” article for desired room type.

For every accommodation type, the properties have different prices. If there is a price that presents an accommodation type, you can book with that price.

Check-in and check-out times may vary for every property. You can display this information on Important Information section on the page of the property on Odamax.com or e-confirmation message sent to you if you’ve booked your place.

Most of the properties do not request advance payment or deposits. If so, you can display the detailed information on the subject on confirmation e-mail or under Conditions title on the page of the property on Odamax.com.

The property you booked can contact your bank to learn if your credit card is valid or not, or if it is a lost or stolen credit card. They can also check if the card has enough limit to continue the credit card transaction. This action requires pre-authorization of total booking fee. For pre-authorization, the property doesn't take the fee from the credit card. When the fee will be collected depends on your booking terms and conditions. During pre-provision process, the reservation amount is just blocked.

The properties usually don't accept debit cards to secure the reservation. You can check which credit cards are valid from the web page where the property is found, in the Accepted Credit Cards section.

Yes, in most properties, you can book your place without credit card on Odamax.com. You can display the properties that allow reservation without credit card by marking Reservation Without Credit Card option through the Payment Terms titled filter on the left frame of listing page.

As there are special discount prices applied on the dates of the non-refundable reservations, no changes can be made. You might have to pay a fee regarding the property's policies if you choose to cancel your reservation for this type of rooms.

After logging in your account at Odamax.com, you can change the date, name and other information in your reservation from ‘’My Reservations’’ tab.

Since at some properties there is a minimum age limit for room booking transactions, in a case like this, you can contact Customer Services department from phone number 0850 955 44 44.

While filling out the reservation form, you can enter your Special Request from Room Details in the field where you insert your name and nationality. You can easily write your request by clicking the field of Special Requests. The request can be met only if the property is available to provide it. Odamax.com cannot guarantee that this request will be met. If you have a special request, it will be confirmed during check-in.

Odamax User Account is a self-service system that allows you to view, cancel and change your reservation. You can create a user account for yourself quickly and for free by clicking Sign Up on the upper right corner at the homepage of Odamax.com. If you want to log in to your account during your next visits to the website, you can click Log in on the upper right of the homepage and access your account.

We take every attempt to illegally get hold of and make profit by stealing the personal data of our business partners and our guests, very seriously. If you receive an e-mail which is sent from Odamax.com but looks suspicious, please without losing time, contact us from 0 850 955 44 44.

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