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Since at some properties there is a minimum age limit for room booking transactions, in a case like this, you can contact Customer Services department from phone number 0850 955 44 44.

There are two ways to do so. When you are entering the location in the search box, you can add the number of adults and children. Your search results will show only the list of properties that fit your special needs. Another way is that after you enter and start the search, you will see a list of properties. You can view the properties fit your search by selecting Family Rooms under the Amenities in Filter Results box.

Yes, you can filter the results in various ways. You can enter the region you'd like to stay at (Example: Antalya), the district (Example: Kas), a landmark nearby (Example: Aspendos) or an airport (Example: Antalya Airport) in the search box. If you’ve started a search, you can use the filters displayed on the left side of the page including the District filter. You can also sort by the category of the property; the number of stars, payment terms or its rating in the reviews.

All the rooms that fit your search results are shown simultaneously.

After you enter the destination and accommodation dates in the search box, you'll be directed to a page with a list of properties. On the left of this page, under the Search button, there is Filter Results button. You can click the categories here to view properties that offer special facilities.

The maximum number of people who are allowed to stay in the room is defined. You can find the information about it during your booking process. In the reservation form, for most room types, it is possible to add extra beds. The price with the extra bed is presented to you before you confirm your booking. During check-in, not to face additional expenses, make sure that you have booked the correct room type. If you can't find a room that meets the number of guests, you'd need to book an extra room.

Yes. After you enter the location and date at Odamax.com, you can search by price. You'll see the list of properties that you can stay at, when you hit the search button. You can list the properties according your preferences with filtering option.

If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, please contact the property directly.

If breakfast is included in the room price at the property you choose, you will see "Breakfast Included" written under the price type. If there is no such information, then it means that the property didn't include breakfast in the room price. The property determines the availability of breakfast. If you'd like to learn whether there is breakfast or not, you can get information from the personnel during check-in to the property.

You can access the detailed information about the room by clicking the View the Facilities section next to room type.

On the page of the property, where the room information is given, the number of beds is clearly stated. If this information is missing or uncertain, contact us from 0 850 955 44 44. If you’ve completed your reservation and you’re a member of Odamax.com, you can send a message to the property to request information.

Yes, all the amenities that are under Amenities title are guaranteed by the property.

The room and the room type that you choose is guaranteed but it is not the same case for bed type. For instance, in a Superior room that you choose, there might be a double (King or Queen) bed or two single beds. At the time of booking, you can make a special request for the bed type but whether if your request can be met depends on the availability in the property.

First, you need to enter an accommodation date to see the rooms at the property you view. Available rooms according to the dates are listed on the page.

Yes, you can add breakfast to the room price but you would have to pay extra fee. At the time You can see the clear information on whether the breakfast is included in the room price or not. If you want to add breakfast, you would have to pay extra fee. To get information about the issue, you can contact us from 0 850 955 44 44.

On the property’s page of Odamax.com, under Property Conditions title, you can access the information about extra bed. If you choose a room that has an extra bed, the extra bed fee is automatically added to the price.

If specified in the Property Facilities and Room Types, you can select the properties with kitchen and suite room.

Double Room is a room with a double bed. Two-Bed Room has two single beds. If a room is offered as Double Bed/Two-Bed, this means that the room can be arranged in the way that the guest wants. You can select your bed preference from Special Requests box.

While room types vary from property to property, usually there are standard, superior club or suite options. The main difference between these room types is the size of the room and amenities they offer. To get more detailed information about the rooms, click on View the Facilities tab next to the room type.

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