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Can I use a debit card/money card to complete my reservation?
The properties usually don't accept debit cards to secure the reservation. You can check which credit cards are valid from the web page where the property is found, in the Accepted Credit Cards section.
Which credit card can I use to complete the reservation?
The valid credit cards the property accepts are listed on the main screen of credit card details.
Can I book with somebody else's card?
Yes, if you have the permission of the card owner, you may do so. You will have to state it in the Special Requests box. The property might request authorization from the card owner. Please keep in mind that in the case of not using the reservation or late cancellation, the penalty fee will be deducted from the card, information of which is provided.
Can I pay the accommodation fee with a card different than the card I used for my reservation?
Properties usually accept payments with another credit card or cash. In such cases, please confirm beforehand with the property if you can use that credit card or if you can make the payment with cash. You can send message to the property through your user account if you’re the member of Odamax.com.
My credit card number is correct but the property doesn't accept it. Why?
There might be several reasons. The type of your credit card might not be accepted by the property. The expiry date of your card might be before the date of the reservation. You may have exceeded your credit card limit. Or you might have encountered an error in your computer during the transaction. You can contact your bank if you’ve already made all these controls and still have problem.
The property took payment from my credit card. What should I do?
Pre-authorization is a transaction of blocking the booking fee amount from your credit card temporarily. Property does not collect the free during pre-authorization. This period depends on the property and credit card provider. Deposit or Pre-payment is required by some of the properties during booking. This is clearly stated at the time of booking. You can see this information also in your confirmation e-mail. If there is Free Cancellation option, when you cancel your reservation, you will get your money back. If you think that a wrong amount is taken from you, our Customer Services Department will do their best to solve it and ensure your satisfaction through 0850 955 44 44. In such case, when you contact us with your reservation number and information about the price taken, we can track it down for you.
My credit card that I used for my reservation is not valid anymore. What can I do?
If your credit card you used for your booking became invalid or cancelled, please contact us through 0850 955 44 44 beforehand not to face any problems when you check-in to the facility.
Why do I have to give my credit card information?
In most cases, Odamax.com requires your credit card details to confirm your reservation on behalf of you. Your credit card balance or whether it’s valid or not can be checked (pre-authorization can be taken) by the property.
I am submitting my credit card details. When will I do the payment?
The payment period differs in every property and room type. You can get further information about payment after booking in the room description under Conditions title and in your confirmation e-mail.
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