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What is pre-authorization?
The property you booked can contact your bank to learn if your credit card is valid or not, or if it is a lost or stolen credit card. They can also check if the card has enough limit to continue the credit card transaction. This action requires pre-authorization of total booking fee. For pre-authorization, the property doesn't take the fee from the credit card. When the fee will be collected depends on your booking terms and conditions. During pre-provision process, the reservation amount is just blocked.
Is the amount blocked by pre-authorization always the same amount with the reservation fee?
Usually the property takes pre-authorization for the total booking fee. However, sometimes the property may take pre-authorization for a higher amount than the one shown on odamax.com. In such a case, the property will explain you the reason.
Is this going to repeat in every reservation via Odamax.com?
It doesn't necessarily mean that pre-authorization will happen in every booking you make even though the properties reserve the right to take pre-authorization from your credit card.
How can I know if there is a pre-authorization on my card?
When there is a pre-authorization on your card, in your current balance, there would be a decrease which is the same amount of booking fee. If you'd like to see the transaction in your credit card receipt, you can check the section Pending Transactions. If you are not sure whether there was a pre-authorization or not, you can contact either your bank or directly the property.
How long does pre-authorization affect the balance of my credit card?
Pre-authorization procedures may differ in each company. You can get the most accurate information by contacting your bank.
What is the difference between pre-authorization and payment charge with credit card?
Even though pre-authorization is a common method used for online booking, it is sometimes confused with the main receipt. Pre-authorization is temporarily blocking the amount of the fee in the credit card. The time of the blockage can differ.
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