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Are there All-Inclusive, Full Board, Half Board or Additional Meal options?
For every accommodation type, the properties have different prices. If there is a price that presents an accommodation type, you can book with that price.
What type breakfast is served in the property?
The type of breakfast is at the property’s sole discretion and odamax.com isn’t authorized to access this information.
If I am not going to have breakfast, can I ask for a fee?
If you make your reservation for a room including breakfast (Bed & Breakfast concept), the amount shall not reduce in case you do not benefit from breakfast service. It is not possible to remove breakfast amount for the reservations made on Odamax.com.
Are the meals included in the price?
This depends on the chosen property or room type. You can review the information next to the selected room picture on the page of the property on Odamax.com to check whether the meals are included in total amount. If not included in total amount, you can find out whether the service is available and also the additional amounts if any by sending message to the property.
For children, is the breakfast included?
In room prices that include breakfast, for children who stay in the same room with their parents, the breakfast fee is not included in the price. In this case, the property requests the fee for the child's breakfast directly. For the extra bed option, the breakfast is usually included in the price.
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