How to Buy Property Accommodation at

The fastest and most practical way of making property reservation from all corners of Turkey and overseas await you at Here are the steps that you should follow to book your place at the best fit properties whether at the city center or by seaside or close to the airport in Europe, United States, Balkans or Far East properties under the guarantee of

1 - Choice Of Region

You can display the list of properties by entering the desired country, city or geographic region at search box or choosing the place on the lists on homepage.

You can also display the minimum accommodation amount at the properties by ticking the date of your stay in the "Check-in Date" and "Check-out Date" fields beside the search box.

You can find the best fit property by using the filters on the left from the list ranked in the following screen. You can easily make choice by reviewing the price range, stars, payment terms and All-Inclusive or Bed & Breakfast options of your property by means of the filters.

2 - Room Display

Review in details the different room types and features in the properties after choosing the best fit property for you on the list. You can make reservation to selected one or more rooms by choosing different payment terms such as "Non-Refundable" or "Refundable" up to a certain date.

3 - Reservation

You can benefit from the facility of payment at the property by making early reservation via You can complete the reservation transaction by filling in the required information from Contact Information and Contact Person Information clicking "Make Reservation" button after choosing the desired room and the number of rooms on the list of rooms.

4 - Contact Information And Information About The Guests To Stay

You need to fill the contact information to be reached concerning the accommodation in related field. If you're the member of, then some of your information will appear automatically. You need to enter Name- Surname, Phone Number, e-Mail Address and Country information to Contact Information field if you're making reservation without member login.

You can complete the reservation transaction by clicking "Confirm Reservation" if you're going to pay at the property after entering the Name and Surname information of the person to accommodate. You can skip to payment display clicking on "Next Step" button if you pay by credit card.

You can click on Special Requests / Notes to write your requests (room overlooking street, quite room, room away from elevator etc.) if you have special note to be conveyed to the property.

5 - Purchasing

You can proceed to the next step after choosing the desired room and the number of rooms by clicking on "Make Reservation" button to buy online the selected room by credit card at You can complete the reservation transaction by clicking on "Confirm Reservation" button after entering the Name on the Card, Card Type, Card Number, Security Code and Expire Date of Card on the Credit Card Information screen.

6 - About Access To Contract Concerning E-Commerce sends via e-mail the documents related to your reservation in a way that you can keep or print its copy following the completion of the reservation transaction. Pursuant to Article 11 of the Regulation on Service Provider in e-Commerce and Intermediary Service Providers, keeps the record of the reservation for 3 years and submits these records to the Ministry upon request. Your personal data are deleted or anonymized by our team or upon your request after due date. Furthermore, the processed traffic data are kept for 2 years and anonymized after due date pursuant to Law No. 5651 entitled Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publication.

7 - In Case Of An Error In Data Entry

You can view summary info before completing the reservation so that you can check if you made a mistake while entering information about the reservation. You can change your contact information by returning back to the previous steps when you notice that this summary info field incorrectly entered contact information.

8 - Payment

For the reservations that you made from, you can pay in cash or by credit card during your arrival at the hotel. Upon request, you can also make a reservation at the time of your booking by credit card. The terms of payment may vary amongst properties. In the reservations made by credit card information, certain or all the accommodation fee may be collected or pre-paid by credit card prior to your accommodation.

9 - Privacy Policy On Personal Data

You can access to detailed information about the storage of personal data here

10 - In Case Of Dispute

You can contact us from 0850 955 444 or via for the solution in case of any issues about your reservation or use your legal rights before the consumer arbitral committee/consumer courts.

11 - Withdrawal And Termination

You do not have the right to use the right of withdrawal within 14 days as defined in Article 9 of the Regulation referred to as the exemption from the right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 15 (1) (g) of the Regulation on Distance Contract you have purchased.

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